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Expense Reports Pro Version 4.0 offers a wide range of printed reports that meet the requirements of most users and enterprises.

The product comes with some pre-configured expense templates, but you can customize any of them to meet your requirements. Once a new template is created, you may share it with your friends or all employees within your company.

The fonts on reports can be changed to your liking and you may add your company logo to make the expense report form look like one designed specially for your company.

Some of the common printed expense report formats are available for you to view as PDF files. To view them, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, please download it from Adobe Web site.

Weekly Expense Report with Itemized Expenses

One page per week displays the weekly expenses in spreadsheet format. Any itemized expenses are printed on a separate page that can be attached to the expense spreadsheet.

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Multi-week Report

For all expense reports that span multiple weeks, one page is printed per week and a summary page is printed that contains information about all the weeks in the expense report. In addition to the weekly summary, an expense item summary can also be printed that prints total expenses paid by employee and company for each expense item.

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Itemized (Journal) Report

Itemized (Journal) expense report prints all your expenses in a journal format (one expense per line). This is useful if you are required to report details of each expense on your expense report.

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Expense Report Templates

Use one of the existing expense report template or customize it to create your own. Make your expense reports look like what you are used to today!
Expense Report Wizards

Familiar Windows Wizards guide you through each step of expense report creation. No more a Ph.D. degree is required to create your own expense report!
Create Expense Reports for a Week, Month or a Whole Year!

Make your expense reports for one week or one year! No more saving each week in a different file and compiling it all together at end of the year! Simplify record keeping and save valuable time everyday and at end of the year!

Several Print Formats

Print a standard spreadsheet, an expense journal, itemized reports, monthly or annual summary reports and client billing reports -- all with a click of a button.

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Track company and employee paid expenses

Are any of your expenses prepaid by the company or paid using a company credit card? The program will track all such expenses and accurately calculate the amount owed to you at the end of every trip.
Expense Details

Track with every expense the vendor, who you entertained and if the expense is billable to a customer. Remember, the tax department requires details of all entertainment expenses -- the program will record and report them for you!

Automatic Currency Conversion

Do you travel overseas and incur expenses in foreign currency? Let the program automatically convert all foreign currency expenses to local currency automatically! No need to reach for your calculator for every expense!

Automobile Mileage Calculation

Do you use your car for business use? Expense Reports Pro will accurately calculate the mileage amount for every expense report and save the information for you and your company to comply with tax department requirements at end of the year!